🎉 The Parity Data Team's 2023 End Of Year report is out, check it out here 🎉

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Data insights, research and discoveries.

Here's a place for us to collect our investigations and things we shared here and there.

🔥 One Repo to Rule Them All

30 January 2024: Since moving all our code to the monorepo back in August 2023, we felt that it boosted our productivity. Just to be sure, we decided to back up our intuition with some data and would like to introduce our Polkadot SDK repository data analysis made with the help of everyone in the Parity Data Team.

📊 The Parity Data Team 2023 Polkadot Report

17 December 2023: The data team has prepared a one-of-its-kind yearly data overview, the Polkadot in Numbers - Annual Report 2023, based on our very own DotLake: a treasure trove of data and insights about the Polkadot ecosystem (on-chain & off-chain data).

🚀 Polkalytics Data Knowledge base

05 August 2023: Our friends at Polkalytics launched a brand new website, the Polkadot Data Knowledge base, a comprehensive library for data analysts, parachain teams, and everyone who is interested in Polkadot data. Check it out.

🔍 Adjusting the current inflation model to sustain Treasury inflow

05 July 2023: In this masterclass in data analysis, Jonas Gehrlein | Web3Foundation explains the current Treasury inflow model and suggests the implementation of some significant changes, all support by data.

💬 Decoded 2023 - Parity Data Team

28 June 2023: Many team members of the Parity data team were present at Polkadot Decoded 2023, here we compiled all the important links, videos, slides and follow-ups.

🔥 Subwallet H1 2023 Staking report

20 June 2023: Subwallet released the first comprehensive Polkadot Staking Report, available under the Dotinsights website.

🙀 4.7 million dollars worth of failed extrinsics on Kusama

30 May 2023: We investigated some curious activity on Kusama and shared the results on the Polkadot forum.

🚀 Web3Metrics

24 April 2023:The team at Apexti launched a new website that compiles and displays data and metrics from different providers in a beautiful way at Web3Metrics.

😎 Select * from Polkadot;

13 April 2023: We share about how we built our data warehouse which we dubbed Dotlake.