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Compiled a few links of what we discussed during the conference. To get back to the main page click here.

Polkadot data charter: Path to a common Polkadot Data Warehouse

Link to Google doc

Together with multiple teams in the ecosystem, we're working on a bounty that would encompass much of the work we do around data.

We're currently making the following draft charter available and are looking for feedback.

View the draft charter ↗️

Panel talk: The Data Story - Uncovering Polkadot's Hidden Secrets

Video & recap, links discussed during the talk

Moderated by Rotem from Subsquid, we're holding a panel talk around the possibilities available to us by effectively using Polkadot data.

Participating speakers: Tommi, James, Pavla, Will & Karim (tbd)

  • Theme 1: Current challenges and ecosystem efforts to deal with the challenges
  • Theme 2: Improving polkadot data accessibility
  • Theme 3: Analytics and KPI and the future of data @Polkadot

Talk: Polkadot Data for Beginners

Video, slides & recap. Useful links

This talk will explain how to get started working with Polkadot data as well as showcasing some of the possibilities in a hands-on workshop format. Bonus available too.

Here you can find the slides of the talk.

Where to go from here?

Participant contact information & more

  • Checkout the website: WIP external dashboard website
  • Reach out to us Find us in the conference or text/ping us the team.

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